Thursday, October 7, 2010

To-do list

So many beautiful patterns, so little time. (Or should I say 'sew' little time?? Ha!)

Cheesy puns aside, I have quite a list of patterns I'm hoping to sew. I might not get to them all (or it may be a year before I finish this list) but a girl can dream, right?

First up on my to-do list: A Joan Holloway-inspired sheath dress, made with New Look 6968, in a beautiful springy green green crepe. I've already bought both the fabric and the pattern.

I'm going for the look Joan wore on her last day at Sterling Cooper, when that ditsy secretary ran over the British guy's foot with a lawnmover and she ruined her beautiful dress. (Just ignore the bloodstains! Couldn't find a pic without them).

Next on the agenda is Simplicity 2724, a faux skirt/blouse combo. I think this would be perfect for work in a solid skirt and a floral top.

 I have been obsessed with this version by Sunni at the Cupcake Goddess. I love her fabric choices so much that I may copy them when I make my own.

I also like Vogue 8511 as a winter work-dress (apparently my sewing to-do list consists mostly of work dresses. Go figure). The drawings don't look like much:

But I really like these versions from A Sewn Wardrobe and Jorth:

Finally -- arguably the scariest and most challenging item on my to-do list -- the Lady Grey coat. I have to say that I"m extremely intimidated by this pattern. Gertie is doing a sew-a-long right now, and all the tailoring steps are totally freaking me out. But look how pretty it is:

Is your to-do list as long as mine? Or are you more sensible? :)


  1. oh my to do list is just as long if not longer! We are heading into warmer weather here so I am excited to make some summer dresses, possible a maxi dress, some shorts and a few tops. I really want to try and sew my first knit this summer too. I am thinking the tessuti fave top would be a nice easy starter.

  2. Great list is alot longer and keeps growing think i might have to cut it down a bit :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I guess this means I can add even more to my to-do list :)