Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vogue 8511

I really, really love this dress. It's got a certain something, you know? It's comfortable, chic (if I do say so myself) and it's suitable for everything from a night out on the town to church.

I made this dress for my birthday party in late February and have worn it several times since. It's Vogue 8511 -- a simple, straightforward pattern that came together really easily. I was inspired by a couple versions I saw around the internet, especially here and here. (I also wrote about my plan to make it way back in (October).


The only modification I made was to underline the skirt and sleeves (the pattern only called for the bodice to be lined). I also graded up to a larger size in the hips to accommodate my lady curves. However, this proved to be a bit unnecessary as the whole thing it just a smidge too loose. I plan to make another, more springy version and cut a size smaller. To give it a bit more shape, I've been wearing it with a belt, which has the added benefit of looking very cute.
The pattern has really nice details, like princess seams in the bodice and some interesting pleats in the skirt. My only complaint about this floral fabric (which is a random poly blend that drapes really really nicely) is that it drowns out some of those elements. I plan to make it again with solid yellow fabric for the bodice and a solid grey skirt, which will make those details more noticeable.

 I'm especially happy with this dress, because it's been awhile since I've had a real sewing victory. I spent several weeks in late December/early January on New Look 6968 only to find it was a bit of a disaster.  (I mentioned in the same October post as this Vogue pattern). The fabric and the fit were so horrible that I didn't even try to salvage it. It was so depressing -- I consider myself a decent seamstress, so it's frustrating when a project goes totally awry.

My experience with making this dress was the total opposite of the New Look 6968 disaster -- everything came together super smoothly and I absolutely love the final product. Add this one to the 'win' column!