Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elections and side tables

I have had a bit of a nutsy week. I've been covering the municipal election for my newspaper, which means all I've had time for are the essentials (working, sleeping, bathing, making sure my cats don't die of starvation) while the non-essentials (laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning my house, cuddling with my cats) have fallen by the wayside. Elections are like Christmas for reporters -- fun, exciting, all-consuming, totally exhausting, and often requiring interaction with difficult people (whether it's your crazy drunken aunt or wheedling politicians). But I digress.

However, I did manage to get something done last weekend. A few weeks ago, I saw this little guy sitting all alone on the sidewalk, waiting for a kind person like me to adopt him:

It was covered in ugly chipped brown paint, but it was sturdy and cute. And best of all, free!

I have a habit of picking up furniture off the street and painting it white (and I have two other side tables to prove it). One of these days, I'll go crazy and paint something turquoise or electric yellow, but white is simple, crisp, and goes with everything. It also means I won't have to repaint if I choose to move it into another area of my house.

It now lives happily in a previously dark corner of my living room (hence the somewhat crappy pic. A new camera is #1 on my Christmas list).

A match made in heaven.