Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ahh, Thanksgiving. Time for family, delicious food, reflecting on the good things in life...and beautiful table-settings.

I get a perverse sense of satisfaction from fancy table settings. I love the way china and crystal can elevate a meal to a real EVENT, you know? It just makes me feel so happy and contented to eat at a beautifully set table.

My fella and I celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents this year, so I got to set the table. My Mom had prepared some amazing elements -- the vases and flowers, gourds, mini Indian corn, pumpkins, leaves -- and I put it all together. I love the way the reds and golds go with the green in the china and napkins. (Freaky side note: my parents and my husband's parents have the EXACT SAME china pattern). 

My mom has this cool trick when it comes to preserving fall leaves for occasions like this. She puts them between two sheets of wax paper (waxed side on the inside) and irons them. This coats the leaves in a thin layer of wax, which prevents them from changing colour and gives them a tiny bit of a sheen.

Also, how cool is this circular vase? I love how the daisies make a little ring around the pumpkin.

I'll leave you with a gratuitous (and mouthwatering) shot of our turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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