Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An ode to my yellow skirt

Of all the clothing I've made, my most-worn item has to be my yellow skirt. I wear it All. The. Time. I wear it on vacation, on nights out on the town, to work (on my more casual days), to parties....I honestly wear it everywhere.

I think this skirt has several characteristics that I'll have to keep in mind when I choose projects in the future.

1) It's multi-seasonal.
This skirt's sunny yellow colour means I tend to gravitate towards it more for daytime summer wear. But, add some tights, boots, and a long-sleeve shirt and it's equally appropriate for a night out to a movie or for a beer in the fall or winter.
Me and my skirt in Italy.

2) It's the perfect mix of casual and dressy.
I love making dresses, but I find that there are limited occasions to wear them out. Plus, they're not as flexible as a skirt (which can look very different depending on whether you add tights/accessories and what shirt you wear with it). I always feel comfortable and cute without feeling overdressed.
On the beach in the Dominican Republic.
3) It's well-made.
This skirt has withstood hundreds of wears and washes. I was really careful in the construction of this skirt, which has allowed it to stand up to lots and lots of use.

My skirt and I wish my husband a happy birthday.

4) It's both trendy and classic.
This skirt has a traditional shape, but the colour sets it apart. I have never, ever seen anything like it in stores, but always get compliments on it.

My buddies and I in Pittsburgh.

Do you wear some of your sewn clothing more than others, readers? What is your most-worn item that you've sewn?


  1. haha, so funny - "My skirt and I wish my husband a happy birthday."

    1. Ha! What can I say? My skirt is a great sidekick :)