Monday, January 17, 2011

Urge for orange

I'm going for it, readers. Instead of my usual standby for painting furniture -- beautiful, classic, neutral white -- I'm opting for bright, in-yo-face, saturated orange.

First coat!
This chair was a curbside find with great lines but battered legs and upholstery. The colour is called "Chinatown Orange," which (vaguely racist connotations aside) is a really lovely colour with just a hint of red. I took off the back rest for painting, but since the screws to remove the seat weren't accessible and it will be re-covered it in new fabric, I just left the seat on during painting.

Why orange, you ask? Truthfully, I have no idea. Maybe the bleak winter weather is making me desperate  for warmth and colour. Maybe it's just my evolving taste. But, honestly, for whatever reason, I just had this sudden desire for ORANGE. And I decided to go with it.

Me, shot by my fella, in my sexy paint-splattered hoodie
Since the chair itself is going to be super bright, I'm thinking something in greys and whites for the upholstery. Something like this, but perhaps a little more subtle. (Sidenote: This fabric is designed by Ty Pennington, formerly of Trading Spaces fame. Who knew?)

So there you go. Orange you glad you read this post?? (Sorry. Couldn't resist).

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