Sunday, September 19, 2010

Secretary blouse

Like practically every lass out there in sewing-land, I'm a huge, huge, Mad Men fan. A major part of the show's appeal for me is the meticulous styling  - the fedoras! The mid-century modern furniture! The ladies' outfits! I thought I'd finish my summer sewing roundup with my modern-day homage to the feminine and buttoned-up work-wear of the Mad Men era. 

I saw this blue polka-dot cotton poplin in Fabricland earlier this summer and was immediately taken with it -- it's got a sweet vibe without crossing into overly cutesy territory. I had been wanting to sew up Simplicity 2501 and decided this fabric would be a perfect fit.

I like this blouse more and more every time I wear it. I have to admit -- for me, it was a bit of a stretch to wear a puffed sleeved/polka dotted/bow-tied blouse at first. All of those girly details made me worry it was a bit twee to wear in a professional setting.  However, I've gotten such good feedback on it that it's become one of my favourite work staples. Funny how that goes, eh?

The pattern was a breeze to sew up, and I think I might make the longer sleeved version in navy for the fall/winter. The only thing about this blouse I don't like is a mistake I made on the first button hole. I got a little overly zealous with my seam ripper and ripped straight off the edge of the fabric! That little slip resulted in the ugliest buttonhole known to man:

Brutal!! This is definitely not my proudest sewing moment. Luckily, the bow tie is not only very cute -- it also acts as an ugly button hole cover-up.


See? No one's the wiser!


  1. Cute blouse! I love the fabric. I have made mistakes like that too. They are so unfortunate especially when you are right at the end of making the garment and looking forward to wearing it. At least you have a cute bow to cover it up. No one will know!

  2. Thanks Kat! Honestly, I would be so much more upset about this if it were more obvious. Thank goodness for small victories :)